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Evil Labs

Build and manage your own evil lab. Research and develop diseases, sell the cure and get rich! · By Mirabolis Studios


Recent updates

Full Release!
Hello! I'm proud to announce was full Released to today! It was a wonderful journey and I'm very proud of what we achieved with your help, especially be...
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Update 0.92
This is one of short updates I'll be doing this week, preparing the game for full release. Here is the changelog: - Cursor now hides when placing buildings - Fi...
Update 0.91 and Full Release
Hello again! So, we are getting very close to the full release of the game, which is going to be on June 15th. It's been a long way from the very first version...
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Early Access Update 0.82 - Summary
Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce v0.82 is now live. And because versions above 0.80 brought so many changes I decided to make a new trailer, new screenshot...
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Hello! And Roadmap news!
Hello there! I am Tiago, the solo developer of Evil Labs. I've been working 7 days/week to bring new stuff and correct bugs that may occur, so I want say I am s...
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