Early Access Update 0.82 - Summary

Hello everyone!

I'm proud to announce v0.82 is now live.

And because versions above 0.80 brought so many changes I decided to make a new trailer, new screenshots, etc. Here is the new trailer:

And if you haven't played after Early Access Update v0.80, here is the summary of the changes:

- Totally revamped UI with new UI elements

- Added 4 new products to produce and sell

- Added 15 new buildings (8 factories, 2 labs, 2 staff, 2 storerooms, 1 admin)

- Added 12 new researchs (and modified a dozen more)

- Added new mechanics to disease creation (save, name, etc)

- Added new mechanics to clients

- Added new mechanics to infection system

- Added raw materials - Added price system (raw material cost changes each day)

- Added regional mechanics (buy and upgrade stores on each region)

- Added logistics mechanics (pay to ship your meds to your regional stores)

- Added time mechanics

- Added report system

- Added six world regions with different characteristics

- Added staff and store daily cost

- Added day/night cicle

- Added new game background

- Added new lab expansion mechanics

- Improved game performance

- Improved customers A.I.

- New Easter Eggs

- Dozens of new character/buildings animations

- Hundreds of new text

- New jokes (I hope =X )

- Many other new stuff!

I hope you all enjoy these changes as much as I loved to work on them.

Good gaming!

Tiago Jackson


Evil Labs 0.82 - Win.rar 51 MB
Mar 24, 2018

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