Full Release!


I'm proud to announce was full Released to Itch.io today!

It was a wonderful journey and I'm very proud of what we achieved with your help, especially being a solo developer.

Thank you very much for all your help and support! :)

Here is the changelog for v.1.0.4:

- Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the player from using the keyboard after saving
- Fixed a bug related to the store supply amount
- Fixed the keepers atribute sliders
- Fixed a bug that made customers only buy ointments if the basic ointment factory was demolished
- Fixed some issues with achievements for EA players
- Other small changes

Previous Changelogs:

Changelog 1.0.3:

- Added a new language: French
- Fixed some language errors and typos
- Fixed a bug related to disease name
- Fixed a bug related to disease selection
- Fixed some buttons issues
- Fixed threaten requeriment
- Fixed some threaten text

Changelog 1.0.2

- Study room cost changed to $1200
- Study room fixed and now shows on Misc tab
- Fixed the Keepers promotion bug
- Raw Material max quantity number changed to 4 digits

Changelog 1.0

- Added 2 new secret customers (cosplayers)
- Added "Add Max" button to Raw Material Menu
- Added "Buy All" button to Raw Material Menu
- Added total to Raw Material Menu
- Improved shipment methodology
- Improved Disease Menu
- Some changes in the Raw Material Menu layout
- Enabled the Reset button to shipment - Enabled "set max/Max All" button to shipment
- Fixed some lab researches requirements
- Fixed some misc researches requeriments
- Fixed an issue that let you send a negative number of medicine to other regions
- Fixed some tooltips (pause mode)
- Fixed some buttons error
- Save Menu layout changes
- Secret customers chance changed
- Some other minor improvements
- Some other minor bug fixes


Evil Labs 1.0.4 - WIN.rar 52 MB
Jun 20, 2018

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Congratulations! Nice game!